Tai Chi


As we are beginning the new year and strengthening positive patterns in our lives, Amara has adopted Taichi as one of our offerings for the Ojai community.  What is Taichi? It is both a martial art and a cloud-water dance.  If you have never heard of the benefits of taichi, we thought they were very elegantly described by the Authentic Yang Style Taichi Website:

"The continuous flowing movements of Tai Chi are based on the principle that running water never stagnates. The gentle movements relax your muscles and joints which strengthens your body from the inside. Through movement and meditation Tai Chi brings you robust physical health, and peace of mind.

Tai Chi uses calming, structured movement to counteract the stress of living in today’s fast and pressured society. Our minds are constantly stimulated and strained by work, relationships, money and hundreds of other distractions.

Even in your sleep your mind remains active. An over stressed mind makes mistakes and interferes with healthy functioning of the body. Only by entering the state of tranquility which Tai Chi can give you will your mind and body rest thoroughly."