The Easiest Season to Grow

Thinking about freshening up your life?  How about starting a small garden with the beautiful March rainfall?  The easiest way to indulge your senses without making epic efforts is to start small and act practical.  Spring craft ideas suggests reusing a colander to make a planter, which can look really unusual when you make it a hanging model, and the colander would provide maximum aeration for some lovely herb starters from the local nursery!  

So how do you pick some plants you won't end up killing off in a week?  I have gone around to our locally owned nursery here in Ojai, Flora Gardens, to ask for you!  If you are here in sunny California, Thyme & Marjoram are a lovely low-water-use safe bet that will thrive.  Also, for those of you that want to sprinkle something in your omelette, there is nothing quite like the fresh tender chutes of a chive plant cut up in your eggs.  Chives grow back quickly and you can eat them dried or fresh on just about any savory food.

Happy Planting!!