Squeezing Your Bones

Did you know that physiologically, your bones get stronger and produce more marrow when they receive pressure?  The tendons and ligaments pulling/pushing on the bones help cue them to grow and change.  So what can you do to create this effect on a regular basis for your bones, particularly if you don't consider yourself "athletic" or if you have health concerns like osteoporosis?

Tai Chi!! The slow gentle spirals utilized in Tai Chi movements use connective tissue to compress the bones- like wringing out a towel.  These caresses of connective tissue on bone are a lovely way to get in touch with strength without using any jarring force.  Smoothness of form and slowness of tempo make TaiChi a practice that speaks straight to your skeleton.

Never heard of Tai Chi? Join Alan on Wednesday mornings at 9am at Amara for his class.  A drop in costs $15.  Whether you are a seasoned pro or a newbie, we would love to have your company.