The Beauty of a Little Clary Sage

Did you know that those beautiful long-leaf clary sage bundles that you may burn to smudge your home or office have another use?  If you take a single sage leaf dried or fresh, you can pour a little boiling water over it and make a mild tea that goes quite well with a spoon full of raw honey! This tea has been used historically for cold season self-care and throat complaints.



Magnesium: An Underrated Electrolyte

"What's so great about magnesium anyway?" you might ask. 

As an electrolyte in the body, magnesium is in high demand for muscle function, circulatory health and hydration, but it easily used up during times of stress.  Calcium is responsible for muscle contraction, where as magnesium does the opposite, allowing muscle relaxation.  Thus, having enough magnesium available to your body when recovering from intense times can be very, very helpful.

Alan Chang here at Amara likes to use readily bio-available magnesium water to boost magnesium levels, since it may be a mineral that is largely depleted in our soil and thus our food sources.  

Once you find a magnesium source that is right for you, happy relaxing!  You deserve some calm!  

Lemon Essential Oil

Did you know lemon essential oil is antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal?  Putting 2-3 drops on your hands with a little unscented lotion makes not only a crisp aroma, but a nice treatment for the skin.

Welcome to Amara of Ojai!

As we begin to unfold the wings of our practice here in Ojai, we felt moved to be of service on a larger level to the online community.  This blog is for sharing healing ideas, recipes and FAQs that we  like.

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